Bitnami stack and Let's Encrypt SSL Certs

I use Bitnami Ghost blog virtual machine image for hosting this blog on AWS.

While making it easy to set up, it created a number of things that required a bit of work to figure out. One of those was how to get an SSL cert from Let's Encrypt configured properly.

I have forgotten exactly how I did this but basically you just need to use the certbot-auto script but you need to run it inside the Binami "stack"

I am documenting here my certificate renewal steps so I can find them next time.

# open the bitnami console

# now the rest of this you do in 
# the bitnami console

# shut down the server
sudo /opt/bitnami/ stop

# renew the certs (note no sudo)
/opt/certbot-auto renew

# restart the server
sudo /opt/bitnami/ start  

The process for getting the cert in the first place is similar but follows the instructions in from Let's Encrypt.